Aging and Athletics

As you age, it can be hard to maintain your athleticism. As the years go by, it takes more work and constant adjustments to keep yourself as physically capable as your younger self. Learn more about the effect of aging on your athletic abilities from Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology and find out about the services that we offer today.


How Your Body Changes as You Age

It is important to consider the effect that aging takes on your body. While incremental changes may be difficult to notice — they often happen slowly — you must keep track of issues when they arise. When you are over 30, your bones start to lose calcium, your body becomes less resilient to injury, muscles retain fewer electrolytes, the elasticity of joints tends to decrease, and your lungs’ capacity goes down.

Maintaining Speed

Being able to maintain your speed will help improve your overall athletic ability. But, the processes involved in this part of your physical maintenance aren’t as simple as trying to run faster every time that you exercise. Interval training, weight training, and plyometrics are all good ways to increase speed.


Maintaining Endurance

Endurance is an important aspect of your physical well-being. It allows you to be able to perform at a higher level and for longer periods of time. In order to maintain your endurance, it is best to focus on increasing your level of exercise, its frequency, and the overall intensity of your workout sessions.


An aspect of your athleticism that you can consistently manage is the amount of nutrition that you provide your body. Ensuring that you are cognizant of everything that you eat and the vitamins that you take can go a long way in reducing the effects of aging. Vitamin C, Omega-3 oils, sulfur, bioflavonoids, and antioxidants are important nutrients for older athletes.


Be sure that you are taking proper care of your body so that, even as you grow older, you are able to maintain a youthful level of fitness. It is best to start following this advice when you are younger so that you don’t have to work harder to get in shape in the long run. Learn more about how Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology can help you with your healthcare service needs now.