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June: Mens health month

June: Men’s Health Awareness Month

June is known as men’s health awareness month and at Zwanger Pesiri in Long Island,…
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Different Types of Nuclear Medicine Exams and What They Evaluate

If you’re scheduled for a nuclear medicine exam, it’s important to understand what the test…
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A doctor using a microscope

Different Types of Biopsy and When to Get One

If you have been experiencing any unusual symptoms, it is important to see a doctor…
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Different Types of Ultrasound Exams and What They Evaluate

Ultrasound exams are a common diagnostic tool used by doctors to look at the inside…
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Medical personnel checking x-rays.

Musculoskeletal Pain

If you are experiencing musculoskeletal pain, you are not alone. Many people suffer from this…
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May: American Stroke Awareness Month

Strokes are an unfortunately common medical emergency that can cause long-term impairment and even death.…
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The Importance of Health Awareness

At any age, it is important to your well-being that you keep a close eye…
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Older couple jogging

Ways to Stay Fit: How to Get Moving Again

Have you been feeling sluggish lately? Feeling like you need to get moving again but…
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Aging and Athletics

As you age, it can be hard to maintain your athleticism. As the years go…
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Health Screenings by Age for Women

Growing older means keeping a close eye on your health — that means frequent screenings…
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Health Screenings by Age for Men

Most men are not experts when it comes to knowing which tests and screenings you…
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Teenage Athlete Injury Prevention Tips

At Zwanger-Pesiri, we’re proud to be the local radiology and imaging center that people turn…
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