Teenage Athlete Injury Prevention Tips

At Zwanger-Pesiri, we’re proud to be the local radiology and imaging center that people turn to — and that’s particularly true for teenage athletes. When it comes to teens in sports, injuries are a common but unfortunate occurrence. In today’s post, we’re sharing a few things you can do to prevent injuries and keep teenage athletes safe. Learn more below, or schedule an appointment today.

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Get Plenty of Rest

Lack of sleep and muscle fatigue can lead to injuries, and that’s why it is absolutely crucial for teen athletes to get plenty of rest. Although workouts are important, the rest that comes afterwards may be even more important for keeping the body healthy.

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Be Sure to Warm Up

For teenagers, getting their body ready for a workout or competition is vital. Warmups should be an integral part of any practice, and warming up and stretching the right way goes a long way towards preventing injuries and keeping athletes safer.

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Proper Use of Equipment and Technique

In any sport, there are correct techniques that should be used to minimize injuries. For example, in soccer, hitting the ball with the right part of your foot is a necessary technique to learn that makes players better on the field and helps to reduce injuries. Similarly, certain types of equipment need to be used the right way to minimize injuries.

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Recognize Injuries and Get Help Early

For many athletes, dealing with pain is common — but it’s important to recognize when the pain is an actual injury that requires medical professionals versus just being tired or sore. It’s also important to know that the beginning stages of injuries are being tired, and that’s why rest is so important.

Zwanger-Pesiri is the place to turn for sport-related injuries for teenage athletes. From x-rays to CTs to MRIs, our mission is to help keep teen athletes healthy and competitive. Contact us today to schedule a visit.

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