What Do They Look For in a Breast Ultrasound?

A breast ultrasound, also referred to as sonography, is a form of non-invasive imaging examination that uses high-frequency sound waves to view the internal structure of breasts. This test may be recommended to a patient when a mammogram detects a change. It can also be used in cases where a lump or change is felt, but is not seen on a mammogram. Read on to learn more about what breast ultrasounds look for, and contact ZP Rad in New York, NY, to book an appointment.

A young woman receives an ultrasound on her breast.

Nature of Abnormalities

An abnormality may be found by a mammogram or may be felt by the doctor. Sonography is then requested to figure out whether it is a cyst or a solid mass. If it is a solid mass, further tests will be needed to determine whether it is cancerous or malign.

How Well Blood is Flowing

A doctor may use this test to find out how well blood is flowing to areas of the breasts. By listening to the sound waves being produced, the doctor can hear how fast blood flows, and in which direction. If the sound is faded or there is no sound, there is a blockage in the flow.

Confident doctor sitting at keyboard of ultrasound machine with a smile.
A radiologist showing a young patient an ultrasound view of her breast.

Locating the Position of a Tumor

Breast ultrasound is used to precisely locate the position of a tumor. This serves as a guide for the doctor during further procedures, and gives them real-time images of where a tumor is located in the breast. These images are then used by doctors to help them perform biopsy procedures.

Check for Leaks in Breast Implants

Breast ultrasound can be used to determine whether a breast implant has ruptured and whether it is leaking. This important function of breast ultrasounds is especially critical in the case of silent ruptures, which are ruptures that show no signs or symptoms.

Woman checks her breast implant for signs of leaks or problems.

Breast ultrasound is a perfectly safe procedure since no radiation is used. It is usually requested by a doctor to further investigate abnormalities that present themselves on a mammogram. At ZP Rad, we recommend a breast ultrasound for those who have detected an anomaly on your mammogram, or those who can feel a lump in their breast. Visit our offices in New York, or contact us to book an appointment.