Why Are Biopsies Done?

Biopsies are common medical procedures performed by taking a small piece of living tissue from a patient and then analyzing it to understand the makeup of the tissue. Whether this is for a piece of a mole found on the skin, a part of a tumor removed from a patient, or other types of samples, there are all kinds of answers to be found from biopsy results. Here are four reasons why biopsies are done on patients with different types of health concerns.

Examine tissue for disease is important

Examine Tissue For Disease

Finding and diagnosing disease is a major part of why biopsies are so important. While many diseases can potentially be diagnosed from symptoms, blood tests, or other factors, it can be extremely helpful to healthcare professionals to understand the tissue makeup of a particular part of the body. Performing a biopsy and analyzing the results from the procedure can help physicians understand if there is disease present in the tissues examined.

Diagnose Cancer

One of the most common reasons people need biopsies is to diagnose cancerous tissue in the body. By closely examining the tissue and understanding the makeup, medical professionals are better able to understand if there is cancer present, what type of cancer it may be, and what stage of progression it is at. These factors are all very important for next steps, if there are any that need to be taken, because they can determine whether or not the patient who has cancer should go through chemotherapy, radiation, or other types of treatment.

Diagnosing cancer can be easier with biopsy results
Understanding infections is important for treatment

Identify Infections

One of the lesser-known reasons for performing biopsies is to identify if a patient has an infection and what kind of infection they are afflicted with. Because there are all kinds of viruses and bacteria that can be the cause of an infection, physicians who better understand the patient’s diagnosis can take better steps to treat their patients. With this in mind, medical professionals may take biopsies of tissues from infected areas of the body so they can help you get back to healthy quicker and easier than ever.

Analyze Autoimmune Disorders

If you are suffering from an autoimmune disorder, it’s likely that your medical professional team will order biopsies of different parts of your body so they can better understand what’s going on to cause your symptoms or disorder. Because autoimmune disorders can sometimes be difficult to diagnose and understand, a biopsy may give physicians a better idea of how to treat or combat the effects of a patient’s disorder.

Analyze Autoimmune Disorders


For many reasons, biopsies can be helpful in illuminating a disease, an infection, and more about a patient’s body or afflictions. Learn more about ZP Rad’s services, physicians, and more by visiting our website today, or read more about medical procedures, healthcare, and more by browsing the ZP Rad blog.