Healthy LI: Beach Volleyball

Burn calories and fat in a fun way

One great thing about beach volleyball is that you burn a bunch of calories while having fun at the same time. Roughly one hour of beach volleyball burns about 450 calories. With sand making movements slower and unforgiving, you burn more calories from the extra work adjusting to the sand.


Improves muscle tone

Studies have shown that sand workouts make the body work twice as hard as those done on flat, harder surfaces. This ultimately will lead to use of more muscles in the legs to compensate for the challenge the sand creates.  Athletes who may be training to improve their court game will benefit from practicing on the sand as this will create more of a challenge in mobility and stability. This workout is also great as it is considered a low impact strength training, so this can be great for people of all ages!

Great cardiovascular exercise

With sand making this game harder, you are doing more work and using more muscles to compensate. With the resistance of the sane it forces your body to use more energy as opposed to a court. This extra work will cause your heart rate to increase, ultimately resulting in a harder more strenuous workout.


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