Healthy LI: Benefits of Camping

Exercise does not always have to be done at the gym. Check out some other ways to get your body and mind healthy! Here are some health benefits of camping.

Totally unplugged

In most cases when you go camping there is not good cell reception. This could be a totally beautiful thing when it comes to your well-being. Studies show that too much time spent on your phone and social media can cause stress and anxiety, so some time away could have a load of benefits for your mental health. People often underestimate the negative effects so it’s time to power down and connect with nature!

You may sleep better

Studies show that the more time you spend abiding to the sun’s schedule, the more likely you are to go to bed and wake up at more reasonable times. Avoiding artificial light and time away from your phone may also aide in catching some much-needed Z’s. Also, the activities you’re doing will also make you sleep better, hiking, water rafting, and other camping activities may help improve sleep as well!

Being in nature is good for your mood

Just a few minutes of taking in the nature and being outside can reduce depressive symptoms, studies have shown. Time spent outdoors can help reduce rumination which is the obsessive negative thinking some people suffer from. This also may have to do with the fact that people are not glued to their phones and may not have access to social media as well. Taking in nature makes people feel happier and may help people feel more creative.

You’ll burn some calories

The more time you spend outside, the more likely one will be to burn some calories, between hiking the trails. Pitching the tent, white water rafting, and other camping activities are sure to burn some calories! So, take advantage of being unplugged from the world and connect with nature.

Some of our favorite camping sites on Long Island

  1. Battle Row Campground
  2. Nickerson Beach Park Campground
  3. Blydenburgh County Park
  4. Smith Point County Park Campground
  5. Southhaven County Park
  6. McCann Campground
  7. Cedar Point County Park
  8. Montauk County Park

Click here to check out some Long Island Campgrounds!


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