Healthy LI: Benefits of Walking

Burn calories

Did you know that on average a person will burn roughly 400 calories while walking at an average pace for one hour?  Walking is a great form of exercise due to the fact that you need very little when it comes to equipment and puts less stress on joints than other forms of exercise.

 Strengthen the heart  

Besides burning calories, walking for exercise has many positive health benefits. It is stated that, “Walking at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week can reduce your risk for coronary heart disease by about 19 percentTrusted Source. And your risk may reduce even more when you increase the duration or distance you walk per day.”  

Can help lower your blood pressure

Any type of regular exercise is good for your heart. It makes your heart stronger which will make your heart work less when pumping blood. In working less, that ultimately lowers the force on your arteries, making your blood pressure lower. It takes roughly three months of regular exercise to have a positive impact on your blood pressure.


Get your kids into walking

Walking is good not only good for adults, but great for children too, especially if you teach them at a young age the benefits of walking. Some studies have shown that children who walk to school show better concentration in school than those who got a ride by car. Walking is also a good way for kids to blow off steam and clear their heads.

Extend your life

Studies have shown that adults that walk 6 hours per week or now have a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and cancer, as opposed to those who are not active. It does not necessary matter how fast you walk, but the amount of steps that you take, as long as you get moving towards and healthier longer life!


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