Healthy LI: Health Benefits of Roller Skating

Heart Healthy

Roller skating is a great form of aerobic exercise! Roller skating allows your heart rate to raise which is great for helping workout your heart. This form of exercise is also great for shedding weight, rollerskating for one hour can burn anywhere from 500 to 700 calories!

Great for Kids

Roller skating is a great way to get people of all ages moving. Learning to roller skate at a young age is great for getting kids out of the house and getting some exercise in that is fun! It is also great for teaching balance and coordination at a young age.

Easy on Joints

Like other non-weight bearing exercise, roller skating is great for getting your muscles moving and your heart pumping all while doing less damage to your joints. The fact that this aerobic exercise is not as rough on your joints means that many older people can enjoy this activity as well and can help prevent other injuries in the future.

You don’t need a rink!

Roller skating can take place in any safe location. All you need is a pair of skates and you can enjoy your workout. This is also a great option for workouts as you do not need to be a member of a gym and can be done almost anywhere.

Some of our favorite places to roller skate:

-Jones Beach State Park

-Cedar Creek Park

-Heckscher State Park

-Eisenhower Park

-Wantagh Oark


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