Springtime Allergies?

1)What causes allergies?

When a foreign substance enters your body your immune system reacts in a certain way. Your immune system will produce a substance known as antibodies in order to help your body attempt to fight whatever particular allergen has entered your body.  Many different types of substances can cause these reactions, such as pollen, bee venom, pet dander, food and others and can all effect your body in different ways such as, inflammation on your skin, sinuses and airways. More than 50 million people in the United States suffer from allergies.

2)Are you born with allergies or do they develop over time?

No one is born with allergies, they are something that develop over time when someone’s immune system becomes exposed to that object. Someone’s body may see certain allergens as a threat, causing allergies as a result. Your body remembers that particular substance and whenever someone comes into contact with that certain object they have unpleasant reactions which in some cases can become fatal.

3)Why are allergies worse certain times of the year?

One major reason springtime allergies are becoming a bigger problem is due to something called “season creep”. Season creep refers to that climate change that is causing winter to become shorter, and spring to arriver earlier and last longer. Climate change and pollution go hand in hand if causing allergies, for example Carbon dioxide from cars raises pollen production, causing more allergy like symptoms in certain people.

4)How can allergies be treated/prevented?

One obvious solution for allergies are allergy medications which for many mild cases can be treated with over the counter allergy medication. For more severe cases it is recommended to see your allergist to develop a management plan based on your symptoms. Some less extreme solutions to attempt to manage your allergies could be as simple as keeping your windows and doors closed when pollen count is high, or doing more outdoor activities earlier in the morning as pollen count is usually less. There are many things people can do to try to manage their allergies without medication.

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