The Importance of Wearing Sunscreen

Some Helpful Tips to Keep Your Skin Protected This Summer

It protects your skin from UV rays

Sunscreen is extremely important for protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. It is important to know that even when it is cloudy outside, your skin is still exposed to these harmful rays. These rays are caused by the ozone layer deteriorating over time. Wearing sunscreen will reduce the likelihood of becoming sunburned. It is recommended that any sunscreen under 30 is not used, and to use it every day.

Reduces the risk of getting skin cancer

According to, “1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70 and more than 2 people die of skin cancer in the U.S. every hour.” Cancer is the more common form of cancer in the United States. Just by applying sunscreen every day you can reduce the chance of getting skin cancer in half!

Prevents premature aging of the skin

There are so many negative affects the sun has on our skin. The UV rays produced by the sun causes your skin to discolor and can even make your skin look think and leathery. Sags and wrinkles are also amplified with the UV rays. Studies show that, “those below age 55 who apply sunscreen regularty have 24% less change of developing there signs of aging than those who don’t”. Protecting your skin with sunscreen also helps maintain the smoothness and tone of your skin. So remember to lather up with that sunblock!

Be mindful of Hair color and Skin tone!

People with fair skin and red hair have been found to be more prone to skin cancer than those who have any other color hair due to gene mutation. So people who have red hair and fair skin need to be that much more careful in the sun!


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