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Welcome to the Brentwood ZPRad location, your top source for high-quality radiology services from a professional team that truly cares about you. Each of our locations across New York and Long Island offers a selection of services, varying from location to location. Browse this page to learn more about the radiologist services in Brentwood and contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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MRI Services

Our Brentwood radiologist team offers two MRI services to our patients. MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, machines are designed to help medical professionals see inside your body without radiation or invasive procedures. The machines at all ZPRad locations are updated every two years to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date images and scans.

  • 1.5T Wide Bore MRI
    • MR angiography, or MRA, is a scan designed to allow your medical team to examine blood vessels, specifically arteries, throughout your body, while MRV, or MR venography, will allow your medical team to examine veins.

Low Dose CT

Ensure your medical team has accurate imaging results with lower doses of radiation from the Brentwood radiology team from ZPRad! This service produces top-quality images of your body’s structures while exposing you to the lowest amount possible of radiation. With our work to consistently update and upgrade our machines, you’ll get faster and more accurate imaging results.


Coronary CTA/Calcium Score

Coronary Artery Disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the united states. While that’s an intimidating fact, one of the best ways to prevent becoming one of the many people who suffer from a heart attack without warning symptoms is a Calcium Scoring test! These tests utilize CT scanning technology to measure the amount of calcified plaque in your coronary arteries. This test helps to determine your risk for a heart attack and predict your risk for future heart attacks in a roughly ten-minute, non-invasive procedure.



The radiology team in Brentwood offers X-Ray services, designed to provide your medical team with high-quality imaging to better help with diagnoses, detection, and more. Our team participates in Image Wisely™, a program that promotes smarter medical imaging, so you know that our team will work to prevent unnecessary scans and use lower radiation doses during your Brentwood x-ray appointments.


DEXA Bone Densitometry

Utilize the most accurate method for measuring bone loss, the DEXA scan, which is the most efficient way to diagnose conditions and assess a patient’s risk of bone fractures. If you have conditions known to impact bone density or use medications that are known to cause bone loss, you should have regular Bay Shore DEXA scans performed to ensure your health and well-being.


3D Mammography

Get the best possible imaging to prevent or diagnose breast cancer with Bay Shore 3D mammography from ZPRad. Our updated technology helps patients and their medical teams detect 41% more invasive cancers, reduces radiation exposure from the procedure, and reduces the need for second looks/callbacks. These scans only take 30 seconds and are also approved by the FDA!



Another of our standard services available at all locations including Bay Shore is ultrasound services. Ultrasound scans can be used for many applications, including disease detection, obstetrics, diagnostics, and treatment tracking. This non-invasive procedure utilizes sound waves for imaging, so there are no radiation risks, and because it’s widely available, it’s a less expensive procedure that provides real-time imaging, for faster results than other services.


Learn more about our ZPRad team and get started with your radiologist appointment in Bay Shore today!