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Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology works continuously to establish dependable relationships. Benefits of working with our Personal Injury Division include:

Working closely with MSK Radiologists, Body Imaging Radiologists, and Neuroradiologists

  • ZP Arbitration
  • ZP will accept patients with a lien
  • ZP will create a lien
  • Affirmations with no fee
  • One Call Care Management provider for
  • Workers' Compensation authorizations
  • Worker's Compensation billing department
  • No-Fault billing department
  • Board certified radiologists
  • Transportation provided to No-Fault and
  • Worker's Comp patients upon request
  • Medical records department
  • Walk-in X-ray with script
  • Walk-in MRI with a script (No-Fault)
  • Saturday and Sunday Hours
  • Physician web portal
  • 33 locations throughout the Bronx,
  • Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk
  • Quality, comfort and diagnostic excellence

When an individual requires treatment on a letter of protection or a lien, Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology offers dedicated assistance with fast scheduling, superior patient support, and actional diagnostic images. We offer personal injury MRI, X-ray, CT, ultrasound or any other diagnostic imaging technique required for that case.

We understand that personal injury cases need careful treatment from experienced medical professionals. Our goal is to help patients obtain accurate, definitive diagnostic information, allowing them to fully focus on their recoveries. Radiologists at Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology have years of experience working with attorneys, and our staff is uniquely qualified to help personal injury cases succeed.

Personal Injury Coordinators

Lauren N. Quartararo
(631) 937-4698

Merik Dolber
(631) 372-1429


Why trust Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology for Personal Injury?

At Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology, we have taken your feedback very seriously. Whether it was a medical doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, or an attorney, we have listened to their input to offer a superior service for patients. We understand the sensitive nature of personal injury cases and have combined the best technology with specialized radiologists to deliver results you can trust.

Workers' Compensation
Billing Department Specialists
T: (631) 444-5544 • Ext. 2575
F: (631) 225-4565

Personal Injury
No-Fault Billing Specialists: Liens & Arbitration
T: (631) 444-5544 Ext. 2521
F: (631) 225-4565

Personal Injury Tools

Streamline your next personal injury case with convenient access to Zwanger-Pesiri tools and benefits, including:


Personal Injury Patient Division Radiologists


John Duncan, MD - Neuroradiologist
Advanced MR & CT imaging of the neck and spine


Joseph Hanono, MD - Musculoskeletal Radiologist
Sports medicine, Musculoskeletal MRI and Ultrasound


Michele Rubin, MD - Neuroradiologist
Advanced MR & CT imaging of the neck and spine


Bret Helfner, MD - Musculoskeletal & Body Imaging Radiologist
Musculoskeletal MRI and Ultrasound

3T & 1.5T Wide/Short Bore MRI

Comfort meets quality with our wide/short bore MRI units. The 2.3 foot diameter allows patients who are claustrophobic to be scanned comfortably. During many scans, the patient’s head is completely outside the magnet. The ultra high-field magnet strength allows an unparalleled level of image detail and resolution.

1.2T Open Sided MRI

Our open-sided MRI systems offer extraordinary patient comfort with a high degree of diagnostic confidence. Pediatric, bariatric, geriatric, and claustrophobic patients can be scanned with free range of motion and high patient accommodations.


We're More Than A Radiology

Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology operates 33 facilities across the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties. Each location offers a full range of medical imaging services, including MRI, X-ray, and PET/CT scans. Click here for a full list of our services. Click here for a full list of our services.

Zwanger-Pesiri radiologists maintain board certification with the American College of Radiology. They prepare detailed personalized reports for each patient, and can consult with attorneys to get the most value out of results. Many of our radiologists have experience acting as expert witnesses, and can assist you with a deposition, testimony, or on-the-record expert opinion.

Call Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology at (631) 444-5544 to refer a client or refer your client online here.

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You guys are doing it right. So nice to see a company that understands what customer service means. Well done. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

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The entire process was like being treated as part of the family. Every individual was courteous, professional, friendly and very helpful. Would never use any place else.

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So much better than the conveyor belt type of service one receives when dealing with a large institution.

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I was blown away! My results were in on the same day that I had my MRI done.

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This office makes appointments so easy. I had a 9:30 appointment and was finished by 9:31! They don't make you wait.

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I particularly liked that I filled out all my forms on my phone. Excellent!

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