IV Sedation for MRI

Board-Certified IV Sedation Anesthesiologists Serving Long Island

IV sedation can be extremely useful and sometimes necessary for scanning pediatric and adult patients who have difficulty lying still during a scan. When an MRI is necessary, I.V. Sedation can ensure the fastest exam time and the highest quality images by eliminating motion. IV sedation is administered by a board certified anesthesiologist accredited by NAPA (North American Partners in Anesthesia), and our facilities are accredited by the AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities), complying with the highest standard of patient safety and care.


What is IV Sedation?

IV Sedation is medication given to patients to help them remain still during an MRI scan. Lying still is critical to ensuring that the MRI pictures taken will be accurate and clear. Prior to the
scan, the board certified anesthesiologist will put you into a very light sleep to help you relax
and minimize any fear or anxiety. Both the anesthesiologist and a registered nurse will monitor
you before, during, and after the exam.

What Medication is Used?

Propofol will be given through an IV line to induce a light “twilight sleep.” This medication has a short duration of action and a rapid recovery time, and is administered to ensure a quick and easy MRI exam.

Who can Benefit from IV Sedation?

Those with severe claustrophobia or anxiety will benefit greatly from IV sedation. Also, sedation may be recommended for patients with conditions that cause physical discomfort or uncontrollable motion.

Why Choose Zwanger Pesiri?

Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology brings world-class expertise to the Long Island community. Our subspecialty-trained radiologists are Board Certified by the American Board of Radiology with fellowship training in a variety of specialties. They are highly-skilled, highly-knowledgeable, and make patient care a priority. To learn more, contact us today.